Trade inn eats up items without returning anything

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Dear Sir/Madam,

I would like to ask for assistance with the trade inn. I intended to upgrade my lower tier items a bit given my perpetual lack of luck these days, but something did not quite go as planned. I filled in each of the nine slots, hit the lever, the creepy beefalo trader sang something like "I'll be there in a jinx" and then...

I got this:


Now I have no new items AND apparently lost quite a bunch of what I had in my inventory previously. To add to my misery, I can't tell for sure what exactly is missing, just the amount. This is probably nothing I can fix, but thought it only fair to mention this. Was giving my dear Bob the scrappy wyvernling away, never to see the fellow again (goodbyes are hard), what incensed Charlie?



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I honestly cannot help you here, my apologies.

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2 minutes ago, PeterA said:

Okay, I tracked down the issue and why the trade inn failed. One of the grey sweaters you were trying to trade was also traded to a different user on Steam. What most likely happened, is that you logged in and that downloaded your inventory, then in Steam you traded the sweater, and then when you went to use the Trade Inn, the sweater item you were sending to the trader was no longer yours.

Ah! This could be possible! Allow me to check my trades.

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At long last! I have a trade saved in my trade offers tab including a sweater. I recalled it being blue, but turns out it was grey, in fact. The times don't match, but I can assume it's due to Steam glitching out. Thank you so much for your assistance again. Is it safe for me to trade the last things I've got and get that fable elegant pleated shirt now please?

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