Torch and Hammer right click interactions override the dismantle interaction of Warly's Portable Crock Pot when held.

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This is quite annoying when its dark and you are holding a torch but you want to dismantle your portable crock pot. Instead of dismantling, you burn it.

It would be such a QoL addition if dismantle option popped up first rather than lighting it on fire. Also hammering the portable crock pot makes no sense when you can dismantle it same applied to hammers would be great too.


Steps to Reproduce
1- Place a Portable Crock Pot 2- Hold a torch 3- Right click the portable crock pot 4- Instead of dismantling it burns the portable crock pot AS WARLY*
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58 minutes ago, bitcrushed_rage said:

I agree with this, but only as Warly though, since other characters can't dismantle his stuff (which is why it can be hammered)

Yeah makes sense. I forgot about that.

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This essentially prevents you from dismantling the crockpot at all if your only light source for the moment is a torch you're holding, since unequipping the torch plunges you into darkness and then you can't interact with structures.

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