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Toadstool + Spore cloud and insulated pack Issue

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Will be brief:

There's something weird happening with food in insulated pack while staying in spore cloud: sometimes it spoils and sometimes not.

I will attach two screenshots. Time space between them about 30 secs:

1) I tried to stay in spore cloud and fish in my backpack didn't spoil. But it turned to rot in my main inventory.

2) I threw backpack to the ground and picked it up; switched fish slots forward and backward and now fish spoiled synchronously in inventory and in backpack.


Btw I have no idea which of two ways is a bug and which is not :D .





Steps to Reproduce
1) Stay in spore cloud. 2) try to drop\pick backpack, switch food slots probably and return to cloud. 3) if nothing changed, back to step 2 and try again.

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