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This new character selection screen is truly riveting. Can't wait to play!

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Seriously though, I am especially in awe of how it turns off all game sounds when I press "OK". Not to mention It conveniently takes me back to the main menu of the game so I can repeat this process as many times as i please. And why wouldn't I? Never have minutes, hours, even days of my life gone past so swiftly. All in perfect silence.

Such amazing game play!


Say, was foaming at the mouth, really gritting your teeth and kinda rocking back forth in the foetal position all intended side effects of trying to play this game? Asking for a friend.

Steps to Reproduce
Well, dear reader, first you start by having fun playing DST for over 3000 hours over the course of a few years with very little issue. Then one fateful day take part in a Gorge event that somehow breaks everything and which, apparently, has an unrelenting grudge against you personally and thus will stop at nothing to prevent you from experiencing joy. Once you've got that covered, all you need to do is try to join a server and voilà! Try it, I dare ya. <3
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