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If you knew about it, then probably thought its never coming. I do have some client-only mods enabled, but I dont think its because of them (tiles are transparent on the map too). I was curious on what will happen if I toy with it a bit (it was on dedicated default server), but I didnt have time for that. Though thanks to the cursed pinguis that just have spawned and beefalo who desided to threw me off its back(on first day of winter so can't really time it right) and challenge them, I didnt carry the last head in time. FFFFFUUUUUUU. And here I am, two minutes later.


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I had this bug once or twice too, it seems that it happens only between the oasis desert and the killer bee biome.

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It might be the meteor field trying to spawn at the desert actually. Or tries to spawn connected to the desert, but ignoring the bee biome on its calculations...

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