The ,,Day 1" bug

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So I'm playing on a normal server hosted by me and I disconnected and left the game as always by simply clicking "disconnect". But when i close the game and then come back it says that I'm on ,,Day 1" without anything like ,,early winter". I don't know what to do, the server is without mods but with caves.Inked20170307141046_1_LI.jpg

Steps to Reproduce
I don't know. Maybe it's because the caves are added to it but without tchem i can't explore "the heart of the ruins uptade". I'm playing the New Reign Beta

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i just had this same issue. played for almost 10 hours, wait till it saves to disconnect from game, took a break and when i go back to log in it shows "day 1" plus it gives an error message and I can't get back into the game.

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