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The crabby hermit won't go fishing/throwing bottles

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There are 16 fishing marks around pearl's island, pearl will go fishing/throwing bottles if they're within a certain range.

However, these fishing marks("hermitcrab_marker_fishing") can be affected by boat physics. Once attached to boats, they will be deleted if the boat sinks.

If that's the only property they have then it's not a big issue. Coincidentally, one of the hermit's tasks requires the player to sail around the island, getting all marks attached to boat. What's even worse, the rude pirate monkeys might also take away some fishing marks, or destroy the boat with fishing marks.

That leaves a hermit who doesn't go fishing/throwing bottles at all. It's not really a game changing bug but it's quite weird when she stops fishing.


It's quite easy to fix this issue, just a tag that ignores boat physics, similar to how the crab king can't be moved off screen.

Steps to Reproduce

1. Go to the crabby hermit's island and place a boat there.

2. Sail around the island in such a way that all 16  "hermitcrab_marker_fishing" are attached to your boat.

3. Destroy your boat in any way.

4. The hermit will no longer go fishing/throwing bottles.

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