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Teleporting (c_gonext()) might freeze the game as client

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I already reported this bug to the "Soulmates" Mod, because it often freeze as client when teleporting with the bindinrings.

But now it also happend when using the "c_gonext" command in console:

[00:05:43]: SendRemoteExecute(c_gonext("pigtorch"), 213.321213, -147.799347)
[00:05:43]: RakNet detected a missing replica (15066)
[00:05:43]: RakNet detected a missing replica (20992)
[00:05:43]: RakNet detected a missing replica (9986)
[00:05:43]: RakNet detected a missing replica (180784)

I think it really only happens as client, cause I teleported without any problem as Host many times.
I have several mods enabled. But how to find out, if one of them helps causing this bug? Since I'm not able to safely reproduce it...
Is there a way to find out what replica the missing ones are, and if they belong to mods?

Steps to Reproduce
Unfortunately I'm not able yet to reproduce it... sometimes it works, sometimes not =/
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User Feedback

I experienced this freeze now ~ 10 times.
And everytime it happend there was a chest (treasure and/or pandoras) near the aim-position.
In 8 times a chest with a scenario, but 2 times a chest that was build by players, so without a scenario...

But I teleported about 500 times (also to positions with chests), and only 10 freezes. So it is very hard to reprodcue...
It did not happend yet on a aim-position that had no chest... But maybe it's just bad luck?

edit, ok it can also happen without a chest...

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