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suspicious dirt pile bug

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Hi, i have a server on dont starve together. At the moment i am in 175th day and i followed lots of suspicious dirt piles after day 100 but i could only find koalefant or winter koalefant. While creating my world, near "server settings" we can see "world" button. Inside "world",there is a option called "hunt surprises" in forest animals, i have selected it as default (actually everything is default, only starting resource variety selected classic in order to default and caves on). Is there a bug that you know or can you check out, thanks.

Steps to Reproduce
i follow suspicious dirt piles and always find koalefant or winter koalefant. I am in 175th day but i couldnt find any ewecus or varg

User Feedback

I also have this problem. In a world i didn't have anything but koalafanst for many hundred days. I didn't count how many hunts did I have, but surely over 30-40.  (I know that there is a little chance that all of these hunts will lead to a koalafant normally, but it's incredibly small.) It's unlikely not to get any "hunt surprices".

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