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Sudden MASSIVE lag during earthquakes

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I have a really odd issue and can't figure out what it is. Everytime earthquakes happen, my game lags so much (i go straight from green to red) that i simply can't move, but i keep taking damage from whatever is falling. I play with lag compensation off, but if i turn it on i'll be able to walk but i get massive rubberbanding. :(

I've died so many times to this that i even avoid going to caves now. Funny thing is this doesnt happen when i'm alone (when no one else in the world is inside the cave). But as soon as 2 or 3 players join the cave too (i'm assuming this number, i'm not sure how many people it takes) i'll start getting that huge lag during quakes. The same thing happens on surface with killer bees. If i'm alone on surface, it's all good, but if the server is full of people (most people stay on surface) and enough bees are chasing me, it happens the same thing as with quakes.

Note that, if i'm playing in a private server by myself, i NEVER get this issue, so it's not a hardware problem (i hope).
I may be wrong, but as far as i remember, this didnt use to happen when i started playing the game, around May this year. I tried disabling all the mods but sadly it didn't help.

Mods that i'm using:
Complete Your Map, by omimare / Combined Status, by rezecib / Geometric Placement, by rezecib / Ice Fling Range Check,by _Q_ / Improved Force Attack, Hrafnár / Minimap HUD, by squeek / Quick Emotes, by Peter Andews / Smart Crockpot, by Nadevill / Sort Tool, by Skull / Status Announcements, by Skull



Steps to Reproduce
Have a good amount of people with you in the caves during earthquakes. Try moving.

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