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(still?) black screen bug - "createvb"

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Hi i can't find anything but a not answered thread to this so i simply open another one. Sorry if i missed it, i know many people seem to have this issue:


My Screen turns black after playing between 10 min and and hour roundabout.


I found out that 

- switching to low res (small textures)

-  window mode

- reinstalling / updating runtime library


should help - nothing of it helped me. Switching to windowed mode "helped" for some days but as i played today it turned black, too two times after just 5-10 minutes :(


I know from this post 


that it could have to do with the memory but i'm quite sure my Radeon 7800, 2GB & 8 gb RAM are not great but still quite ok for this game + many other people seem to have this bug too, as i already stated.


Would be really nice if you have a good solution because i am out of ideas :I


Thank you in advance!

Steps to Reproduce
playing the game, seems to happen quite often around the new day but not exclusively.

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