Steam Workshop mods bug

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It was working okay but then this happened , dont know why or how but I need help fixing it please.

tried deleting the mod folder but it say that I need the permission of "DESKTOP-N8HBADQ" 

please help


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Steps to Reproduce
I was playing, then I stopped to wacht some videos and when I opened the game again, it happened

User Feedback

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  • did you try click the brush and remove the mods that way ?
  • did your internet / wifi get disconnected while you were updating mods or reloading your subscribed mods ?  (this happens to me from time to time

Realising that I already logged an issue for this, there is also the possibility that these are mods you have 'removed' and they are just still stuck in your client cache. Are you running the DRM free version or the Steam Workshop version (i'd say workshop from the names)

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