src_pos is nil when pickup new inventory item

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inst:ListenForEvent("gotnewitem", function(inst, data)
	if data then print("data") end
	if data.item then print("data.item") end
	if data.slot then print("data.slot") end 
	if data.src_pos then print("data.src_pos") end

I'm tested this code in dedicated server as client and the code works fine. But if I start hosting without dedicated server, data.src_pos will return nil. 
So I hope you guys can fix it. 

Steps to Reproduce
Start hosting through "dontstarve_steam.exe" , create a new server. In game pickup a new item and it's will print "data", "data.item", "data.slot" but not "data.src_pos" because it's nil.

Status: Pending

This issue has not been confirmed by a developer yet.

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