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Sound stuck at 0

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Hi! I'm having an issue with my Dont Starve Together (as well as my normal Dont Starve). The volume is set at 0, even if i try to change it. When i click apply and go back into the settings, it goes back to 0. My volume was working fine 2 days ago, then all of a sudden it stopped working! The volume works on all of my other steam games besides these. I've looked online for help ad nothing has helped. :(

I have tried:

-resetting my pc

-re-installing my drivers

-re-installing dont starve as well as steam

-checked my volume mixer as well as make sure my speakers are set to default

Can anyone help me? :( thanks!

Steps to Reproduce
Running an outside program that uses sound

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Hello @tennbutay @Statheros @Darkaryo, welcome to the forums. Have you guys seen this thread:

It's just a hunch but I think your issues is a variant of their issue in that thread. Try and see if you can fiddle with things on your end the same way they did.

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After tons of trial and error I finally fixed my problem!! I was having trouble with fixing my issue because Dont Starve and Dont Starve Together both wouldn't play through my speakers or headphones. This is what I did to fix this!


- I had to uninstall Realtek High Definition Audio Driver and Re-Install it completely (Link here )

- I set my speakers to 16bit playback at 48k (Sounds > Playback > Right Click Speakers > Properties > Advanced)

- Reset my computer when requested

Hope this helps someone! :love_heart:

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