Soul hopping not working properly

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I think there's a bug when I try to soul hop with Wortox to a place that is separated by a land border. I mean, if the two land branches are separated by sea when in the surface, or dark pit when in the caves.
Instead of simply soul hopping to the place I had marked with my mouse when the right button was clicked, Wortox will walk to another random location (and sometimes only try, because that "random location" may be on the other side of a border), and then attempt to soul hop. 
In this clip, I have two land branches that form a sort of a Y shape. The two areas i soul hop back and forth in the video have a pit between them, but are connected at their ends. Initially, I attempt to soul hop to the other area, and when Wortox is in the dark, you can see that he kinda walks a little bit forward before soul hopping.
Then, comes the biggest issue... I try to soul hop back to that area I was before, and instead of just doing it, the character walks in the dark for a long distance by itself, and only then soul hops to the location I initially desired.
It's kinda random when it happens or not. This spot in my world is specifically causing this trouble a lot
I'd be happy to provide more information, if needed.


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Could up zip up the world and upload it here?  I have a suspicion that the part of the world there has some sharp edges in the nav mask making the game think that where you're trying to go has a bunch of walls in between.

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Was this ever fixed/did you figure out what was causing it? I'm still seeing this issue of wortox trying to straight-up walk to the destination (the path between the point can be found, as it's in the loaded area), before soul-hopping some limited distance. Build 338375. - head over to where eyebrellahats are and try to soul-hop to the repaired pseudostation area.

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