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Something went awry.

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Me and my 2 friends had a world in whitch we spent 570 game days hosted by me, one day when i tried fiering it up i joined the world as usual, but my firends had a problem when joining me, saying that a message stating that "something whent awry" appeared every time. So i decided to roll back the world, maybe it was just a little corruption in the world saving but it apparently got worse. Now even i get the awry message and can't seem to join. We don't usually care too mutch about our worlds since we had qut a few 700+, but this one felt special to us, since everything went so well and we had a lot of progress.

Steps to Reproduce
just lunch the server as you normally would

User Feedback

Have you tried disabling/re-downloading mods? (If you're using mod items/characters, save your game elsewhere before doing this).

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