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Smallish Tallbird Raised from Egg Aggro-ing after Re-Launching Server

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I closed my server to double check the length of my seasons; when I opened the server again (less than a minute or two later) the smallish tallbird I had hatched immediately aggroed onto me upon spawning in, and wouldn't stop trying to attack me. I originally thought it was because they had grown into a normal tallbird, but they were still a smallish tallbird, and I was still able to offer seeds for food (although they wouldn't take it and immediately attacked the second I got close enough). They had not been aggressive immediately before I disconnected.

Active Server Mods: Global Positions; Mineable Gems; Multi Rocks; No Thermal Stone Durability; Show Me (Origin); Simple Health Bar DST; Recipe Randomizer

Active Client Mods: ActionQueue RB2; Combined Status; Geometric Placement; Minimap HUD

I rolled the server back and grabbed this clip from respawning in

Sorry if I'm missing any details, my brain is so scattered tonight


Steps to Reproduce

1. Set Spawn Area to "Plus"

2. Character Wortox, Have mods active (not sure if either are required/the reason??)

3. Hatch Tallbird Egg provided in chests at spawn

4. Day 24 (should have smallish tallbird by now), disconnect from server.

5. Launch server again. 

6. Smallish tallbird should aggro towards player.

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User Feedback

Try dropping some food on the ground. Smallish tallbirds go nuts when they're hungry, trying to kill anything nearby to get some food. 

It's also a common issue that mobs you befriended lose their attachement after a rollback- it was an unfortunate discovery with my broken clockworks that threw themselves at me as soon as the server loaded. 

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I had loads of seeds on the ground for him before; the aggression happened before a rollback originally, I had simply disconnected from the server and reconnected. There's no way it was because he was hungry due to the seeds I spawned in so he didn't starve while I was trying some things, and I hadn't done a rollback before the original aggro, I had to kill him originally as I didn't realize what was happening so figured rolling back wouldn't do anything other than fix the issue or reproduce it to record... 

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