Slow Domesticated Beefalo Speed

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I can't understand the exact cause of it, however this bug causes beefalo to slow down to about the speed of a player.


From personal experience it can occur anytime after initial domestication if you enter and later exit the caves. I didn't record the incident like usual but found a video elsewhere on the forums that is identical to the one I had.

EDIT 8/12/2018


This isn't the same tendency as this is an ornery beefalo while the issue occured to my rider, so I assume it occurs to all beefalo. It, however, never occured any other beefalo. Just the one I had began taming.

I did come out of the caves before it happened,  it was as fast as normal right before I went down there.

Twice this has happened and each time it is the exact same thing.

Start taming beefalo, Ride beefalo to sinkhole, enter sinkhole, get light bulbs, exit sinkhole, ride beefalo.

At this point the beefalo is about player speed.

Even after doing this on a local server the beefalo seems to acquire a slower speed though it is not as severe.


EDIT 8/12/2018

The bug is caused by lag compensation being set to predictive as is evident here.

Toggle lag compensation to predictive and beefalo is slow.

Toggle lag compensation to none and beefalo is normal speed.


EDIT: 12/21/18

To fix beefalo speed remove saddle with saddle horn and place it back on.

If beefalo has not yet been domesticated you can also allow beefalo to shake off saddle, then place the saddle back on.

Steps to Reproduce
Have Lag compensation on, Start domestication, Enter and exit caves, Ride beefalo. Is a hit and miss most the time.
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1 minute ago, DarkXero said:

Any chance any of you can provide a cluster_x folder with the world with the bugged beef?

I just remember I noticed this on some servers earlier, not in the recent weeks tho, so I'm afraid I cannot help much more.

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Server is left running, with tamed beefalo idle. I will join back when occasionally to see if the beefalo speed has changed, once it has I will post it here, Assuming the issue is still pending.

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So I've figured out what is a direct cause for this, at least in my case as I've managed to reproduce this, not on my own server, but on a dedicated server, it happened when I went to the caves on my beefalo, dismounted, entered caves, and later exited the caves. I get back on the beefalo and it's speed is now the default speed of a player, It has nothing to do with domestication level.

I will continue to try and get the cluster folder for a beefalo affected by this.

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Another fix for those who have beefalo stuck this way is to use a saddle horn and pry off the saddle, or if it's early just let it shake it off on it's own. 

Speed returns to normal afterwards.

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