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Slingshot shooting speed slows down when targeting a new entity with the Attack button.

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In the first gif, I am holding the Attack button(F) with the Slingshot to attack. However my character goes to the idle state before shooting a new target which causes the shooting speed to reset.

In the second gif, I am clicking a new entity right after I shoot, which retains my shooting speed because my character does not go to the idle state.

Wouldn't it be nicer to make sure the character doesn't go to the idle state while using the slingshot after it chooses a new target? It makes it very annoying to take down hordes of mobs when your slingshot shooting speed resets when you need to attack a new target while holding the attack button, and would just be a really nice improvement in QoL for Walter.

Steps to Reproduce

1. Equip Slingshot
2. Hold F button on hordes, and notice after one mob dies and your character chooses to attack another one, the shooting speed resets as you go to the idle state first
3. Attack again but with the mouse, and click a new mob/entity right after you shoot, This retains your fast shooting speed.

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User Feedback

That's also a thing that happens with melee weapons if you just hold the attack bind down, but there its usually less noticeable because you would dodge attacks (this is not how it works on ds btw, in ds you just switch targets instantly. I'm guessing the reason it works this way in dst may have to do with how targeting in dst is handled, with your character not targeting whatever the closest valid target is but whatever target you started attacking initially?)

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