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Skips every other character when selecting and can not craft

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My friend started a new world going into character selection it was skipping over every other character on the menu. After just picking a character it would let me select I gathered some items, if there was more than one item within close proximate to me sometimes I would run in the opposite direction and pick up the item I was running towards, I figured it was possibly lag from playing on a server. When night came I tired to make a camp fire and when I tried to select the fire crafting menu it would open for a moment and close it self before I could craft or even select an item.

Steps to Reproduce
I do no know if this bug can be reproduced.

User Feedback

This sounds like your mouse button's spring is bent a bit, and is double clicking from hardware contact bounce when you click once.

You can fix it yourself if you felt inclined, but beware it can take some time and you'll need patience with the actual button mechanism itself.

Here's a quick overview of what to do for fixing the poor thing:


Open up the mouse, usually there are screws under the feet of the mouse- use a very thin knife to not cut the feet up and to keep the contact side sticky.

The button will look like one of these switches:


The red notch is the part that comes in contact with the mouse overhead hood that you depress to make a click, and the three prongs are the contacts to make a switch- you generally won't see the prongs on the topside and it will be mounted on a board via solder on the backside.


If you noticed, then you'll see that these switches generally for the most part are held together by pressure tabs.

Taking that thin knife from before, gently lift the tabs on the side such that they're over the notch on the base on both sides.

These tabs can be on the thin outside and may not be on the sides, but generally I've seen them only on the sides.

Be weary the red button is usually free to fall out, so keep track of it should it decide to evacuate its designed slot- I find taking a flat tip screwdriver with it on its edge is easiest to getting it back into place by sliding it in via gravity.


After the top casing pops off you should be presented with something similar to these:


Notice the hoop part of the metal that resides in the center- this is the spring that is bent in such a way it no longer provides enough tension to make bounce not happen.

You will need to take a screwdriver or knife to flatten the hoop out only a BIT to reinstate tension- making it perfectly flat will damage the spring and be impossible to shove back into the setup of the switch.


After doing so, put the switch back together by carefully putting the housing over the contacts and try not to squish them on accident.

If you want more information, then there are various sources online for helping with this all over.

I've repaired my mouse clicks going on seven times now and it's going on ten years of age.

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Oh my goodness I didn't realize I could use a controller to play. I was using a keyboard and mouse before, verifying the game cashe after uninstalling my mods didn't work, but I connected my controller to the game and everything works fine now! Thank you so much for your help!

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