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Good day. As usual, I decided to go to the DST to get a daily reward and noticed this moment: some of the skins that I bought for coins on the site and those that were received through twitch drops simply disappeared. (By the way, there were all the same amount of threads as last night, when I last played) However, last night all the skins were in place, since I was playing with friends at that time. Please help with this little problem. Also missing are portrait frames, emotions and profile icons that were also obtained through the site or with twitch drops.





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I don't know yesterday I played and they were, but today I went in and they are no longer there. On 05/13/21 at 22:00 everything was in place, and already on 05/14/21 at 7:00 everything was gone. I don't know how to describe it all ..

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