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Sinkhole leads to to identical world

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We entered various sinkholes on our map and each one lead to an identical world without the structures we had built on our world. Yesterday everything worked fine on another game we played...

Steps to Reproduce
Mined the sinkhole as usual to enter the caves, no special circumstances

User Feedback

I had the same problem. It's a bug, but as a workaround, when creating your World, for the Caves Settings, when you change things, don't click Save as a Preset. Or, you can just not make any changes to the caves, that would work too.

For the devs,

I looked into it a bit, and I'm writting it here to save you time looking yourselves:

wolrdgenoverride.lua when creating caves, changes a setting but not saving as preset:

return { misc={ world_size="huge" }, override_enabled=true, preset="DST_CAVE" }

worldgenoverride.lua when saving settings as preset:

return { override_enabled=true, preset="CUSTOM_PRESET_3" }

and from saveindex:

              desc="Custom preset 3. Your world, your rules!",
                { "task_set", "cave_default" },
                { "start_location", "caves" },
                { "waves", "off" },
                { "layout_mode", "RestrictNodesByKey" },
                { "wormhole_prefab", "tentacle_pillar" },
                { "world_size", "huge" } 
              text="Custom Preset 3" 
            tweak={  } 

So, even though location is stored correctly as "cave", I guess for custom presets it ignores that and creates a forest anyway.

Hope this help a bit,

Keep up the amazing work;)


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