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Server not responding

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Good morning,

my friends and me are now trying to fix a problem for like 2 hours. We figured we cant help it. Here s the problem:

Since TODAY, we cant join to our previous player hosted server. When trying to join servers, that we created a week ago. We allways get this server is not responding error. To try to get the error we tried different things. First checked the settings.ini . But thats just fine. We created new servers, we were able to join the newly created servers (today). Everyone of us tried to host an "old" server. Noone was able to connect to any old server. I also send our fav. server files to my friends and they tried hosting it but it still creates the same bug. I guess its the newest update (yesterday). We also played yesterday with the same settings and the same servers, but they stopped working bugless today. One more hint: The host cant connect to his own hosted server, just noone else.

Thats really sad, we put alot of effort in same of our projects already. At least our current project is "ONLY" day 30 but still.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,


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I was getting this today with my wife too.  Could not even connect by LAN.  I tried making a dedicated server by the new guide and got the same message: "Server is not responding", even though it seemed like it was running fine.  Very frustrating.

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More Information:

It only happens when trying to connect through steams friendlist. Our current solution for the problem is: Host the server on Public and make a password, then other players are able to join. I guess Hamachi or tungle would also work, tho I didnt test it just yet. But at least we can play again.

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I'm having the same issue. Not able to connect to a friend's server on a pre-existing world (as from before the last update). However, when creating a new world, I'm able to join without a problem.


Thank you in advance and wish you my best regards.

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