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Server Failed To Start

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A couple of days ago while playing the Gorge my game crashed (it looked like this). Later when I tried to run a server in the main game, I got this:

(Now, I don't even know why and since when the server is considered dedicated, bc I certainly did nothing to set up that option.)

So far I've tried:

- disabling all mods;

- deleting game folder from Steam/steamapps/common, uninstalling and reinstalling the game;

- restoring the system to a savepoint from 5 days ago;

- verifying integrity of game files through Steam interface;

- running the game as Administrator;

- rolling back the server, during which I found that all rollback slots are set to the same day:


After all that the issue still persists.

I do not have this issue with other servers, only with the first one. Is there any way I can still access it?

(If this issue has been addressed before, please redirect me to the solution.)

Steps to Reproduce
after playing on the server, i went into the gorge. after some time this happened: https://image.ibb.co/mPspSJ/Untitled_2.png it may have been caused by disc (C:) running out of free space (windows 7), though i'm not sure

User Feedback

finally, i have been searching FOREVER to try and figure out what to do with this as i am experiencing the same thing. If i start a world with client server mods it will work but not with the other ones. I hope we can figure this out. 

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Can you post the server_log.txt from both the Master and Caves folders inside the appropriate Cluster directory (slot 1, is Documents\Klei\DoNotStarveTogether\Cluster_1)

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Unfortunately it appears that your save game data in that slot is lost/corrupted. :( Did you have a crash in that world previously?

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No, the last time I played I exited the world the usual way. I mean, there had been crashes before, but they never influenced save data. During that last crash I was in the Gorge.

I see, so it is not restorable then. Well, what a lesson to always remember to back up everything.

Thank you so much for your time and help. : )

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