Server Crash @ Bee Queen Fight

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Past hour been trying to fight bee queen on non-dedicated server with a friend but the server keeps disconnecting a minute into the fight. Nothing else seems to cause the game to crash just that fight. I know i could play other features of the game but just spent all night making the maze. Anyone else having connection problems of some kind or can relate? or is something up with my game

How to upload client log?

Steps to Reproduce
Made maze, start fight with bee queen then DC while playing as host

User Feedback

So i moved this post to bug tracker because everyone said i posted in the wrong thread. BUT atleast I got some feedback in the general discussion, bug tracker seems pointless if MODs spend more time complaining about where the thread is posted then actually trying to help with the problem.....

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windows 10, i asked where to find crash log so i could upload

cuz ye few days later and still having problem


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The client log is located in your Documents\klei\DoNotStarveTogether\client_log.txt (when using the stable release) and your server log (assuming you're fighting the beequeen on the overworld) is located in Documents\klei\DoNotStarveTogether\Cluster_<slot name>\Master\server_log.txt Also have you tried verifying game integrity?

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Game integrity

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