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Segmentation fault while playing Forge on Linux

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I'm playing the game on Manjaro Linux. After playing for at least 1 full Forge match, the game might randomly crash to the desktop while fighting. There are no issues before crashing, and no error messages are displayed. I've had these crashes quite frequently, and they are almost guaranteed when playing for over 1 hour.

journalctl reveals that for each crash, the issue seems to always happen in the same shared library included with the game "bin/lib32/libfmodex.so". The library doesn't seem to be available at any software repository, so I haven't tried overriding it with a different version. I guess the library in question might belong to the FMOD audio engine. I'm using PulseAudio for all basic applications on my system, but under the hood I'm running JACK. PulseAudio applications usually haven't been crashing when JACK does something wrong. During the crashes I've not heard audio glitches, and my calls on Discord were not interrupted during the crash, so I don't think the reason is related to my bizarre audio setup.

A friend of mine has experienced similar, sudden crashes with a similar frequency, on Windows, but the reason remains unknown and they're most likely not interested to make bug reports.

I've got my system information and the client log attached below. In case you need it, here's a zipped version of the latest core dump:

https://praash.gq/f/dontstarve_steam.coredump.zip (145MB zipped, 785MB unzipped)



Steps to Reproduce
There seems to be no direct way to trigger this issue. Playing multiple matches of The Forge for 1-2 hours in a single game session usually results in a crash in the middle of a match. Crashes have occurred in the early rounds, as well as when fighting Boarrior.

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