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Saplings replaced by twigs

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This is my second world gen where all saplings replaced by twigs on the ground.

In the first bugged world, 4 players search any saplings with no result.

This is the second one, I play alone.


Steps to Reproduce
Generate new world, default settings, play as wilson. Do this a few times as it's not constantly reproduced.

User Feedback

Welcome to the forums.

Technically, if Resource Variety/Changing Resources feature is enabled, saplings could be replaced by twigs on the ground and twiggy trees that drop twigs when cut down. I can see both on your screenshot.

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Muche is correct. If you have the world generation option "Starting Variety" set to Default or Highly Random, then some of basic resource items might be switched with alternate sources. For example, you don't have saplings for twigs in this world, you have twiggy trees.


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