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Running in place bug

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I get a bug when the speed of a character is 4x or higher, they would occasionally run in place and you get stuck there til another player pushes you, you get hit, or it unstucks itself.

The faster the character moves, the more often this happens.

Steps to Reproduce
Use a character mod that has speed of 4x or higher such as Rash who gets movement speed as high horns grow bigger or use c_speedmult(value) in command console to change speed and run around and it will eventually happen.

User Feedback

Hello @wingliger, welcome to the forums. All official don't starve together characters have a predetermined set speed put in place by the devs within the game. Any issues given rise from modifications such as modded custom characters or through use of the console command isn't an issue with the base game. You specifically mentioned a character mod, which means the issues should be directed to the mod creator directly to help rectify them.

Let the mod creator know that the issue occurs and hopefully they can release a fix for it. Cheers.

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