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Rollback issue

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I was at day 232 and I felt something went wrong so I wanted to go back on day 229, I am using a gamepad controller so I needed to go on pause then server commands and press the rollback button, I usually spam the rollback command 3-5 times because that’s how it works for me to take me back to the previous day, once I got on day 230 I spammed the rollback 4 more times to get back on day 229 then I was shocked when I saw my screen was on character select, I really felt frustrated at that time so I go on ahead and picked a character, I was relieved that the world was still on day 230 and my base didn’t get deleted but still I was frustrated because I was using WX78 at that time and I already ate a lot of gears, lost my prototyped/blueprint knowledge progress, map progress and even my cave map progress on the game.

Steps to Reproduce

Spam the rollback command

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User Feedback

I would like to add to this: in addition to the rollback button, the c_rollback() command doesn't work until the 3rd or 4th time OR it just takes so long to do. I can't tell which it is, but there is no sign of it working from the first command and I have to type it a few times before there is any action.
The timer will still be counting down and my ghost can still move, and then 1 min later the loading screen happens. Its causes many near-heart attacks.

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