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"Recent" Dualshock 4 Detected as Generic Controller

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From what I assume, Don't Starve Together doesn't recognize Dualshock 4 controllers produced after the release of the PS4 Slim.  From what I assume, the new Dualshock 4 is unrecognized due to PID differences.


Old PS4 Controller

New PS4 Controller

Note the PID differences between the two controllers.

Don't Starve Together instead recognizes the new controllers as a generic gamepad rather than any PS4 controller. The controller even seems unplayable unless if an external program (X360CE, DS4Windows, Steam Controller Configuration) is used.

The same issue applies to the original Don't Starve game.

Steps to Reproduce
Simply use a recent PS4 controller. On Steam Big Picture, "Playstation Configuration Support" needs to be disabled or manage Don't Starve Together and set "Use Steam Configuration for Non-Steam Controllers" to "Forced Off."

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