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Really bad server peformance

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hi i have your game for me and a friend we have a dedicated server setup on a machine perfectly capable but it has really b ad issue with lag it wants to validate account too much we have died because the server rubber bands us for nearly 20s while it does its garbage we spent 3hrs unlocking the map to die by bees because the server wanted to validate purchase it should only need to do this once not every 5m its enough to make someone not play the game.

its not the server its the validation method used by the software is there a way to reduce this frequency or make only validate on start up.

our server is the default dedicated server from steam. the machine running it is as follows.

dual xeon x5650 cpu's

48gb ram per cpu

8 128gb ssds on hardware raid

windows server 2012 all updates.

internet connection

100mb fibre

does this for my local client as well on gigabit Ethernet.


Steps to Reproduce
just playing the game is constantly doing this

User Feedback

The server does not validate purchase at all and the client only does it at boot, what makes you think this is a problem with ownership validation?

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OnupdatePurchaseState  Complete is the string it calls.

we restarted a clean world spent another 4 hours unlocking the map only to have it go bad again. couldnt move kept rubber banding back to random points on the map both a player on local network and one over the internet.

i am testing the server in another config see how it goes however i have never had a game server play up like this for 2 players.

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