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Random Game Crashes in The Forge

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I've been having the same issue, just gonna copy paste my post from the Steam Forums onto here because no one seems to ever reply on there.

So I've had CTD's in DST whilst playing but these have been super rare and I've probably only had 5 or so during my entire time whilst playing the game. With the Forge however this has become a super frequent occurance. Nearly every single match I play in the forge causes a CTD at random points. The wave on which it occurs is random and I've had no prior issues with CTD's being this frequent on DST. 

It seems these CTD's are caused by the forge event as my game can run the base game just fine but has issues when playing the event. Was wondering if anyone has had similar issues and if anyone knows how to fix it?

Crash log: https://pastebin.com/RY0rDini

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The crashing is still persisting but this time I managed a few long play sessions before the game crashed. It almost felt more stable and as if it had been fixed but then it proceeded to crash not too later on. I've attached another crash log to see if anything changed this time that caused the game to be more stable and delay the crash longer. Would be nice to have any sort of information regarding this issue such as an acknowledgement or some advice on how to fix it.


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