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Random disconnections and sometimes crashes

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Hey, It's just a matter of time (an interval of 15,9,5 minutes, and once even 2 seconds) that I get a disconnection from the server i'm in, or sometimes a crash, followed by the windows dontstarve_steam.exe stopped working message, this happens no matter if i'm playing an event (gorge, also hapenned in the forge) or a regular dst world. Tried checking the game's files integrity from steam, adding ram to the launch parameters (also steam), increased/reduced the game's priority in the task manager, no client mods, antivirus or programs (except steam) where beeing ejecuted during this dst client_log sample (online dedicated server survival mode, in which I got disconnected):

User Feedback

for me the servers are just shutting down and losing connection (probably due to it crashing), but my client never crashed due to it

edit: it only happens with the gorge servers

Edited by Ranysould
forgot to mention that it only happens on the gorge

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