Pushing Ghost out of bounds with live player.

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Today, while streaming, my friend pushed my AFK friend (who was a ghost at the time) out of bounds. While I didn't witness it, and my friends stream was on his, "Be Right Back" screen, we were able to recreate it. (View attached file) We don't know if this has been brought up yet, but please look into it. 

Glowing Regards,

A BWC9876, KusamiWomba, and CartoonyMedic

Proof: GhostClip(DST).mp4

Steps to Reproduce
What we did in the video is quiet simple. Have one person become a ghost. Find a nice corner of the map, not sticking out too far, but not like a straight edge that goes on for a while. Have the ghost get into the corner of the map (We found WX worked the best for us as the ghost). Have the living player (any character works, but we were able to do it w/ webber and Maxwell) push the ghost into the boundary. This will take multiple attempts, but you'll know you've done it when the ghost can move over water, and the living player can no longer push the ghost. If you have any further questions, please contact me at my email dmparker0339@gmail.com Good luck, and hope you guys can fix this.

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