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PURCHASE chest bug

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your chests for purtchase are messed up.


first i cant buy all these 3 chests for my friends. only the 2 small chests:



2. if i click on the button "gift for friends" it takes me to steam. BUT THERE ARE THE PRIZES BIGGER:



All Survivers chest is 8.09€ but when i want to buy it they want 10.79€ ???


3. if i search in steam for the complete gorge chest i cant find it. but when i clicked on the all survivors chest to buy for friends it shows me also the complete survivers chest.


This issue was also with the magmatic chest

. i wanted to buy them for my freinds but i coudnt. same with wormwood wardrobe chest. it was impossible to gift this chest to friends.

i wanted to buy so much chests when they were in offer for my friends but i didnt buy any cause i coudnt buy the chest as gift or cause the prizes were higher then you were telling first.


PLS fix the prizes and make EVRY chest giftable for friends

Steps to Reproduce
go in shop and try to buy the chests for your friends

User Feedback

Unfortunately not all item packs are giftable as it requires us to setup a steam DLC package for each one. We're looking at improving that though so that all item packages can be gifted. That said, the complete gorge chest is giftable, but as a bundle on Steam. https://store.steampowered.com/bundle/7543/Complete_Gorge_Chest/

Thanks for pointing out the currency issue. There's been a few discrepancies and we're working to resolve those.

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