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PS4 Controllor's Right stick Stuck pressing left

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Normally i use a ps4 controller to play this game ( Yes i am a Rarity) and im having a controller support issue. 

My right stick keeps pressing Left - This makes playing the game difficult for multiable reasons! Its an issue only in DST. All other games dont have this problem. So its not a hardware issue. I even have an other fresher ps4 controller (Played on it a total of about 12 times) that i swapped out. To see if the controllor is broken. That controllor had the same issue.

This is what ive tried to fix this problem:

- Check Game cache 

- Checked Drivers on crontrollors

- Deleted and reinstalled the game\

I am looking for all the help i can get here! Plz help

Steps to Reproduce
Unplug controllor and play on keyboard.

User Feedback

Happening to me also now.

I'm using Windows 10 Pro via Bootcamp with DS4 controller. The game is unplayable because if the issue.

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This is also happening to me. Anyone found a solution yet?

I'm on Mac and have tried... a lot of things to fix it, none of which worked. 

On both steam controller and DS4, the game seems to think that the right joystick is always held left. This is true even if I disable the right joystick in controller configurations, or map it to a different input. If I try to change button inputs in the Options>Controller menu within DST, it instantly changes my selection to right joystick left direction. It's actually not much of an issue for gameplay, except it is in that the inventory is almost impossible to navigate; it moves at a single speed, hyperspeed, with either the left or right joystick for some reason.

This sucks. It used to work just fine a couple years ago too. I don't enjoy keyboard and mouse because I only have a trackpad. Would appreciate any help! Maybe there's a mod out there somewhere someone has found?

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