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Problems for external clients when connected to modded server(no matter which mod is being used)

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So me and a friend tried to use mods that were server based and they all worked for me but for my friend not so much.

The colors of everything would go inverted in some cases and his character statuses would go into insane numbers, into the thousands.

We had three client only mods, both of us had them installed.

As well as we have tried using server mods without the client ones enabled to see if that would do anything but to no avail.

Also needless to say all mods were up to date.

I'd like to stress how this is with only server based mods and how this is with any server based mod just not some random ones.

Steps to Reproduce
Connect to a modded server, as that is literally all my friend did.

User Feedback

Welcome to the forums.

The list of your enabled mods (both server and client ones) would be helpful.

It is possible that even though the mods are up to date, they might not be compatible with current version of DST or each other.

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Cheers, I feel welcome. :D 

I'm not certain that it would be a compatability problem though as we tried mods individually(only one mod enabled) as to see if it was such a problem.

Nonetheless i will add the list of mods anyway.


List of said mods;


  • Combined Status(by rezecib, Kiopho, Soilworker and hotmatrixx),
  • Gould Boulder Map Icon(by Splooze),
  • Minimap HUD(by squeek)


  • Additional equipslots(by ChaosMind42),
  • Archery Mod [DST Version] (by Zupale X)
  • Ash Fertilizer (by Mouse)
  • Asuna (by Riverswim)
  • Birdcage(timebased) (by _Q_)
  • Caitlin (by Patriarachnid)
  • "Digable" Reeds (by Ysovuka)
  • Dipper Pines (by Mileena)
  • Extra Equip Slots (by xVars)
  • Fast Travel (by Isosurface)
  • Flower Box DST (by Jaden Vanadium)
  • Health Info (by xVars)
  • HoW Morgan Freeman (by Umbrella Darknostic)
  • Increased Stack size (by ChaosMind42)
  • Long Lasting Tent (by [BSy] Archangel)
  • Michael The Fox for DST(by MikeyTheFox)
  • Minable Gems (by star)
  • Mushrooms Seeds (by Aire Ayquaza)
  • Personal islands (Newbies version)(for friend) (by Astro)
  • Season Starting Items (by[BSy]Jupiter)
  • Spike Trap (by Lishid)
  • Structures and More... (by Oscosh, Inc)
  • Tahu (by Melanserka & CrazymaN)
  • Tamamo(OS 3.0) (by Silhh and Arcade)

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