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Problems accessing world and character

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I was the host of a Don't Stave Together game between a few of my friends way back in December and we all stopped playing it around then.  I wanted to load it up today, and these worlds were no longer listed as available.  Employing some google-fu, I figured out that the way that the world saves has changed since the last time I played, so that was probably the problem.  So, I managed to find the world files, which were still there, back them up just in case, and copy them over into a newer format.  However, I ended up having to start a new character on that world, as it doesn't recognize me.  I have no idea where the old character data is stored and can't seem to find that on google.  Can anyone help me out?  Thanks.

Steps to Reproduce
Back up old data -> copy session data into new client_save session data -> world is intact, but character is not

User Feedback

The session folder name (for example, 2FB124D2C0DD8DE4) must be the same after you move it. Basically, copy that whole folder.

Then, start the game and create a new server in a slot. This is the one you're going to replace with the old data. I recommend doing slot 1 if you can, as it's easiest to find in the next step. Shut down the game.

Then, to make the game load the data you copied instead, open DoNotStarveTogether\client_save\saveindex and find the session_id= for your slot. There will be one of these in the file for each slot that you have a save game in, so if your saves look like this:

[My world]   <-- first
[My Cool World]   <-- second
[World To Replace]  <-- third

Then in order to replace the save in the 4th slot, you'd want the third session_id= in the file.

Replace the text between the quotes to match the folder you copied. Now that slot points to your copied folder.

Relaunch the game and start that slot. You should be back in your desired world, character and all. :) 

Hope that helps!

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