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How is it possible, that on older laptop (ideapad z510 i5 4200m 2.5 ghz 8 gb ram Intel hd graphisc 4600 I geforce 740m ) game DST is working very good, there is constant 60 fps, and on younger and stronger computer (i7 8700k Geforce 1080 Ti 11 GB) fps aren't constant and they "jumping" all the time ? Can Klei explain that?

Steps to Reproduce
Create patch to game Don't Starve :Together will work in constans 60 FPS

User Feedback

On 5.10.2018 at 11:09 PM, PeterA said:

@ShaggyCTK  can you let us know what resolution you are playing at, and what your monitor's refresh rate is set to?

Full HD  1920×1080      refresh rate 144 hz

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