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Please help! Major game bug, cant fix >.<

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So everything has been fine with my game, but the other night it just started acting weird. My health, sanity, and hunger meters are all buggy, as they always show as '100', then randomly the picture shows empty, as the bars still say 100. My map doesnt work, and i cant craft any items. Its all very buggy and unplayable and i really would like some help, please. I would be very thankful!


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We need more information for this issue. Additional information would be appreciated.

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Please disable all your mods then run the Validate Integrity of Game Cache via steam and then test without any mods.

Instructions with pictures can be found here:

If the problem persists, please let us know and attach new log files.

If this resolves the problem, then the issue is with one, or a combination, of the mods you are using. If you can determine which mod(s) are causing the issue then please inform the mod author(s) so they can fix the bug.

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