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playing as client unstable?

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I just played the first time some hours as client (caves enabled, so no dedicated server) and I noticed there are several issues as client.

Mostly it are issues, were the character is just stoping with his animation.
At the moment I only remember two of those issues:

1) stops animation when giving command to open a chest. If you leftclick any of the things in your inventory before the character opens the chest, he will stop his animation after kneel down, without opening the chest. I guess the same will happen to any other structure like crockpot and so on.

2) When there are several enemies near, and you just hold the "F" key to attack everything, it can happen that the character killes an enemy and instead of attacking the next one, he will go up and down one step (on the position the last enemy was, like he is trying to still attack it) as long as you hold F.

Steps to Reproduce
play as client. 1) build a chest and move some steps away. Now left click on the chest. Before the character reaches the chest, leftclick any item from your inventory. The character won't open the chest. 2) don't know a eays way to reprocude it. Only happens rarely when fighting several enemies by holding the F key.

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