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Plant + endless regrowth ignores desolation + resource renewal regrowth rules

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In the game, there’s a condition in the files for regrowth to never spawn within 20 units of a player or structure. This rule is respected by the regrowth types for both “regrowthmanager” (the renewal of carrots/flowers and the like), and desolation regrowth. However, in the case for plant and endless regrowth, this doesn’t respect it at all. It is quite possible to have random endless regrowth plants spawn on top of structures, and plant regrowth makes it exceedingly difficult to keep an area with structures sufficiently clear.

To give a good example of this, I was doing a bunnymen clearing in the forest for decor. This is what the build used to look like:1874E12A-FF3B-4B4E-9781-BD8C3E624507.thumb.jpeg.605d9ce153b3468b6e0fef1291089b1b.jpeg

This was the build after ~1000 days later. While I did change the turf around, none of these trees were planted by me, and should not have spawned due to the standard regrowth rules.8244A3E4-A0BE-4449-9FFC-DC15C62B946C.thumb.jpeg.007439117a70e06cfb46665e2a09e6bf.jpeg

Steps to Reproduce
1. Attempt to clear a forest of any possible trees and the like. 2. Build a bunch of walls and structures in the forest, making sure all of them are within 20 units (5 turf tiles) of each other 3. Wait awhile, and eventually come back to the structures. You should see the area be cluttered with plant regrowth trees.
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