Pigmen will never use "PIG_TALK_LOOKATWILSON" strings.

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Pigmen will never use any of the strings in the "PIG_TALK_LOOKATWILSON" table.

IfNode(function() return GetLeader(self.inst) end, "has leader",
    ChattyNode(self.inst, "PIG_TALK_FOLLOWWILSON",
        FaceEntity(self.inst, GetFaceTargetFn, KeepFaceTargetFn ))),

Leash(self.inst, GetNoLeaderHomePos, LEASH_MAX_DIST, LEASH_RETURN_DIST),

ChattyNode(self.inst, "PIG_TALK_RUNAWAY_WILSON",
    RunAway(self.inst, "player", START_RUN_DIST, STOP_RUN_DIST)),
ChattyNode(self.inst, "PIG_TALK_LOOKATWILSON",
    FaceEntity(self.inst, GetFaceTargetFn, KeepFaceTargetFn)),

This is because in pigbrain.lua. GetFaceTargetFn gets the pigmans leader, and if it has one, the ChattyNode at the end for "PIG_TALK_LOOKAT_WILSON" should work. Right? However, an earlier behaviour, the first one in this snippet of code, has essentially the exact same requirements, and since it is earlier, it'll always take priority.

It seems in DS, GetFaceTargetFn would grab the closest player instead of the leader, and for the context of the PIG_TALK_LOOKATWILSON strings this makes sense. The solution should just be porting that function in DS and using it for PIG_TALK_LOOKATWILSON instead.

local function GetFaceTargetFn(inst) --Could be renamed to GetClosetPlayerFn
    local target = GetClosestInstWithTag("player", inst, START_FACE_DIST)
    if target and not target:HasTag("notarget") then
        return target


Steps to Reproduce

1. Go to a pigman
2. Try to get it to say any of the strings found in PIG_TALK_LOOKATWILSON
3. Notice it never happens.

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User Feedback

Oh, and not a bug per-say, but rather a suggestion, since one of the strings in PIG_TALK_LOOKATWILSON is "UGLY MONKEY PERSON". It might be a cute detail to change that string depending on the character once this bug is fixed since we've got quite a bit of non-human characters haha :>

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