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Pathfinder makes things run into objects infinitely

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Pathfinder for both mobs and players sometimes would end up running into one object while trying to go somewhere. This commonly happens when trying to use pathfinder to go through a whole mushroom forest, sometimes when using pathfinder to get through the lichen fields (although connected lichen pillars usually get you first) and in bunnymen when a large pen of them is made for farming (they get stuck on each other's houses when running back home). I've seen it happen sometimes with mobs trying to go into each other (also happens with bunnymen and sometimes splumonkeys). It gets annoying fast since you can't use pathfinding reliably in the caves as a player or farm bunnymen / monkeys properly (you can't collect meat if bunnymen are nearby and monkeys will kill/steal your loot if nightmare phase ends while they're near the loot). I've seen a pathfinder API fix most of the problem (although getting stuck to trees still happens rarely)

Steps to Reproduce
- Click somewhere across the ocean that will cause the character automatically walk through a whole mushroom forest -- Make a bunch of penned up rabbit hutches, get all the bunnymen to the middle and wait for day -- Get a ton of monkeys to the same stop during nightmare phase (behind a wall preferably) and wait for nightmare phase to end
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