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Outdated/Inconsistent Quotes for Deerclops

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Wurt's quote for Deerclops ("She not look happy, florp") and the Glass Eyebrella skin's description ("Somewhere in the Constant, there's a Deerclops missing her contact lens) are inconsistent with the other quotes referring to Deerclops as a male (which can be argued to be outdated as a result since these two quotes were recently added).

These include: 
Maxwell's Deerclops quote: "Even I'm afraid of that guy."
Webber's Deerclops quote: "He might be able to digest us!"
Willow's Announce Deerclops quote: "That sounded like a big mean monster man!"
Wolfgang's Announce Deerclops quote: "Sound like big strong man coming."
Wolfgang's Deerclops quote: "He looks mightier than me!"


Steps to Reproduce

1. View the quotes mentioned
2. See inconsistency/that the quotes from before were never updated

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User Feedback

similarly, the antlion is referred to with it/its in most quotes, while walter much more recently uses she/her (“No wonder she was grumpy, there was a pit in her stomach!” about the desert stone), so those should probably be updated to she/her too

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but it is right, wurt thinks it is female, so wurt will call deerclops by she, the same for webber, they will call deerclops as 'he' because they think it is male, some characters have different interprations about something, in this case, about deerclops.

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