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Out of memory

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Hi. :D

I can't log on to a dedicated server. It always ends with an out-of-memory message. I reinstalled everything, deleted/updated mods. While the majority of my game friends have no such issues (=same server).

(There is a note in this forum about log files, so I attach some here; but there is no MDMP file in the referenced STEAM folder)




Steps to Reproduce
I try to connect to said server. Dots, dots, dots. Error message. Mods on / mods off, same difference.

User Feedback

Commonly, the "out of memory" crash message happens when there is a memory leak caused by a community-created mod or mods currently installed (even if it is disabled or removed).

Please ensure that all mod files have been deleted completely from your MODS folder. You can do that by going into your Steam folders for Don't Starve Together and fully delete the contents of your game's "Mods" folder. (Steam\SteamApps\common\Don't Starve Together\mods)

After deleting these mods, go to Steam Workshop for Don't Starve Together and unsubscribe all of your mods so that the problem mod (causing the memory leak) is not re-downloaded to your game. From there you can launch Don't Starve Together once more.

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