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Other players crashing when entering caves. Works for me though.

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Tldr: I'm hosting a server(not dedicated, just simply clicked "host game" etc), enabled multi layered worlds and caves. When I access the caves its fine. When friends try to access the caves/sinkholes they crash/get disconnected. Anyone knows a fix?

Tried both with and without mods.

Steps to Reproduce
Hosted a DST server Had friends join They can not enter caves, I can. They crash, I dont.

User Feedback


Are you sure you opened the port 10998 (Just like the 10999) in your router ? This port is used by the Cave server for allowing incoming connection :)

Tell me if this was the issue. Otherwise, can you send both of your server_log.txt ? 


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In addition to the server_log.txt files, it would also be helpful if you could have one of your friends send their client_log.txt file after they unsuccessfully attempted to enter the caves.

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