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Old bugs that you probably know about but still bug me

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  • If you have a map mod installed, anything that makes noise and has a modded map icon(like beefalo) makes no noise whatsoever.  It's a pretty minor bug that doesn't hurt gameplay, but it doesn't exist in Don't Starve alone, and it didn't exist early in DST's beta.  Some random bit of code screwed with this.  
  • Flailing your weapon in a boss's general direction.  This seems to happen most often with Bearger, and makes the fight impossible for any players effected by it. This does affect gameplay, and can cause major problems if a well-equiped team or player decided to spawn a boss nearish base only to be hit with this bug and get curbstomped by no fault of their own.

Steps to Reproduce
1. Install any map mod. 2. Spawn a bearger. Press the force attack button, and wave your spear in his general direction, regardless of how far you are.

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