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Ocuvigil map icon after it gets burned .

  • Fixed

When you burn and stay near it the icon disappears from the map (as normal for burned things) but if you go away from the already burned ocuvigil the icon appears again . 

Note : Not sure if it is intended so you can find the burned ocuvigil or a bug . 




Steps to Reproduce
Burn a ocuvigil and go away from it .
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User Feedback

A developer has marked this issue as fixed. This means that the issue has been addressed in the current development build and will likely be in the next update.

If you go back to that place, the icon should disappear. Does it?
This is the same for e.g followers. If you are faster than your followers, they will show everywhere on the minimap, cause that was a position, where you saw it before the "Fog". And if Fog is there, the icons do not update until you go there again.
At least this is my explanation for this.

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