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So I was playing with my friends and everything was going fine, until one of my friends tried to pick a character on the select screen, but couldn't proceed afterwards, instead on the bottom right of the screen telling him to finally enter the world, it gave him a series of numbers on the bottom of the screen ranging from 1-9, 9 saying "Go", so he pressed 9 on his keyboard, but nothing happened, he showed his screen and oddly enough, the original button to enter the world was gone. All I know is that he is using a Mac Keyboard, but a while ago he was having some issues using a controller. Could it be that the controller button configurations are still there?

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Used controller or Mac Keyboard?

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It sounds like your friend's computer and game is recognizing an attached USB device as a controller. They will need to go into Options menu and see if they have the option for "Controllers" enabled. If so, disable it and choose "Keyboard and Mouse" instead. Your friend will be able to use their keyboard's directional keys and use the enter key to go forward or apply the change.

If that does not work, they can try unplugging any USB devices that they have plugged in (except for the mouse and keyboard).

Finally, if they have or have had any controller emulation software (like OpenEMU, Xbox HID, Vjoy, etc.), try uninstall that and see if that makes a difference. 

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